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Marketing Intern

Detroit, MI, USA

Job Type

Part Time 10-15hrs/week




Stipend $150/semester (or every three months)

About the Role

This is not your traditional internship. We want interns to feel empowered to create and pursue projects that align with Chi Fan Le’s values and mission and have support to see them through. We encourage curiosity, suggestions to improve, and discussions!

We are seeking an intern with interest and experience in building community through food and sharing the stories and people behind the food. During the internship, you will learn about the inner workings of a small food business, how to prepare homestyle Chinese dishes many of which Angela (the founder) grew up eating.


Marketing Intern Responsibilities:

  • Designing flyers, menus, and other promotional material for events (we use Canva right now, but open to use something else too)

  • Help design email newsletter + create a template for future emails

  • Drafting and developing content related to Chi Fan Le’s projects or upcoming events for social platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook

  • Researching strategies to improve our engagement

  • Taking photos and video of events and products

  • Make edits to the website to make it more usable for customers + updating information about events

  • Since this we are in our early stages, we have a very small but mighty team and might also need support during events as well!

Personal Project:

  • Executing on an idea and having the freedom and support to do so, given the knowledge you gain about the business and industry, is important to Chi Fan Le! We want to support you in coming up with developing a new recipe, innovative collaboration, social media campaign or something else you believe is in line with Chi Fan Le’s values as a culmination project for the internship.

  • Draft proposal: include your goal, the reasons why you want to make it happen, why you believe it is beneficial to the business and it’s customers, and who are the stakeholders (other local businesses, friends, etc.)

  • Work on an timeline with the founder (Angela)

  • Draft a budget (we don’t have a massive budget, but with some creativity, the sky is the limit!)

  • bi-weekly one-on-one time reserved for going over intern’s personal project


  • Curious and excited to learn about Chinese cuisine and history

  • Strong communicator

  • Compassionate

  • Executer/doer

  • Thoughtful

  • Analytical

  • Creative

About the Company

Chi Fan Le means “time to eat” in Mandarin. We are a Chinese food-making experience and pop-up that shares the ingredients, process, and stories behind diverse and nutritious homestyle dishes.

Chi Fan Le is focused on connecting with people and creating opportunities to explore and experience Chinese food. From pop-ups, to catering, to public and private food-making events, we believe the best experiences come from uplifting and collaborating with others! Chi Fan Le has collaborated with over a dozen local businesses from boozy bubble teas with the Lexington to the Cha Shao Slide pizza with Pie Sci. We try our best to accommodate different dietary restrictions and always have gluten-free and vegan options.

We continuously look for ways to better care for the environment. Right now we use all-compostable utensils and plate-ware and compost at every pop-up and are working to collaborate more with community gardens and local famers for the produce on the menu.

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